Friday, March 02, 2012

We Break Another Record ...

SC6 Shatters It's All-Time High In Hits ... But It's Not Because of the Post You Would Think!

     Good news for fans of the blog, and us of course...  In the abbreviated 29 day month of February, we set a new high for hits in a month, with 23,730!  Technically, his is nowhere near our record of last September, when we cracked 101,000 - but that was due to 95,000 page views of a pic of Scarlet Johanssen in about 48 hours.  So, we're not sure that should really count...

     Nope, this record is totally legitimate.  We consistently drew 700-1100 readers every day, which we believe is the daily readership of the Florence Morning News, and triple the listeners of most Pee Dee radio shows.  Rush Limbaugh, eat your chubby heart out!

     No, we are far from South Carolina's source for news, but the move back home has seemed to pick up readership numbers slightly.  Now, do we have an explanation for it?  Not really. You see, one would think that there was one obvious reason for it going up, but one would be wrong.. Yeah, we had the post on the 7th District Leadership race, which did crack our record for most comments ever (currently 67 and counting).  Feel free to add to it, but only if you're commenting about shiny ties and Vinegar-based BBQ...

    Nope, that post peaked at Number Five, even on a daily basis... In short, it got a few of you riled up and talking, but the rest just ignored it  - and we're glad for it.  No, as usual, the top posts have been steadily cranking along for a while now, and most of them have nothing to do with politics. 

     If you want to know why we post Founders Quotes with pictures of women in bikinis (or slightly less sometimes), this is why: guys like attractive women!  It was a tight race, but Lindsay Lohan's post from October made a late charge, and passed another Scarlett Johanssen post from Dec, 2010, with about 1700 hits each..  Our top political post was our recent SuperPAC commentary at 1300 hits, nudging just past an old favorite of ours, former WPDE anchor Lauren Lowrey. It seems everytime she moves to a new market, we both get a new fan base.  Rounding out the Top 5 was Moammar Qaddafi's Condi Rice crush, which has a wicked PhotoShop pic of her in a bikini.. 

    Whatever the reason, we want to thank you guys for helping us crack new heights here at SC6... Since we have 31 days in March, maybe we can break 25,000.  Get to work!


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