Friday, March 16, 2012

We're Back On the Campaign Trail... This Time in Marion.

We Go On a Smokey and the Bandit-Like Trek From New York to South Carolina With Three Candidates in 16 Hrs - And No Coors Beer!

    It's funny.. Some people complain that we're lazy, and not involved enough in politics to hold an office.  Maybe there are some that spend more time at events than we do, but that's because most people don't bother letting us know what is going on.  Our friends back in New York think we are crazy to spend so much time on a no-paying endeavor, so they're both probably right.  Sometimes, however, we work pretty hard.  Yesterday was one of those days..

   After prepping for the trip most of the day, we got a short catnap, and then we left New York at 1100pm Weds night, bound back for South Carolina.  We made into the area by 900 - just in time to listen to Mande Wilkes' interview on Bill Pickle's radio show.  We have to admit that we tried to watch her TV info show twice, and couldn't make it past five minutes - it was THAT bad.  However, she is a much better interviewee than a TV host.  Give her credit - we might not agree with her 100%, but she was by far the best guest Bill's had on her show..

   So, we got home, and found the cable was messed up, so we got a whole hour's sleep, then we went with The Tommy's up to Marion County for the monthly GOP meeting.  There, we got to meet two more 7th District candidates.. Tom Rice and Jim Mader.  It's been pretty tough going into this whole thing not really knowing many of the candidates, only to be kind of disappointed when I did hear them. Last night was much better...

Tom Rice with one of his famous 'Rice Krispy Treats'..... Yummy!

    National politics are a different game, with big complex rules that determine why things are the way they are, and how hard it actually is to change them. Most politicians are too simplistic and unrealistic for us to consider them.  Tom Rice and Jim Mader both have the background and experiences, though slightly varying, to understand how to be a decent Congressman..

   Both Rice and Mader are business owners, but Rice is a tax accountant and Mader's background is in Economics.  Owning a business is nice, but that is why knowing the difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics - and how to apply one to affect the other- is key for a Congressman.  We like numbers guys, and both Rice and Mader fit the bill for us.

As usual, Tom Grimes is talking, and someone is listening. This time, it was Jim Mader..

      County Chair Eric Fry let Mader speak first, and he made a good impression.  Aside from the big and small business experience, Mader said the two words that we have been waiting for someone to say - Flat Tax.. God forbid we have an equitable tax system!  He was much more versed in DC lingo than the others with no political experience.. In a tough field like this one, Mader has an uphill battle. If he loses, we would hope that somewhere on the coast, they will find a job for him...

      Next up, it was Horry County Chair Tom Rice.  Since it was not a huge crowd, Rice did a nice move - he sat in a chair.  He went over his resume in business and government, and the role government can play in helping them.  DC can work hand in hand with business, if it wants to.  On paper, Rice clearly has the chops to be a good Congressman. The only thing he needs to work on is his passion. Last week or so ago, we talked about Renee Culler's frantic delivery.  A candidate has to show that he/she has control over things , but there does need to be an amount of passion.  Voters go with emotion at least a little, and Rice would do himself well to kick it up a notch or so. Not much, but a little would help.

     It wasn't the biggest crowd I've ever been to, but Marion County didn't even have a GOP when I ran, so Eric seems to be moving the ball forward, both at meeting  and at the voting booth.  Every polling place in the county had high poll numbers than in 2008.  Marion's getting Redder.. Or is that more red?  Anyway, everyone there was very nice, and they took a lot of time to get to know me, the candidates and Tommy Grimes and Tommy Phillips.  

    The only thing that we liked more was finally getting in our bed!  Be back on the road soon...



Anonymous said...

Dont know why your always promoting Grimes hes the biggest nothing in SCGOP there has ever been and knows even less!

Johnny Cox said...

Mike, Thanks for taking the time to come over to our meeting in Marion this week. Look forward to working with you this season.

Anonymous said...

I see Stephanie and Betty are reading your blog.