Thursday, March 08, 2012

Today's Founders Quote: A Morsel of Genuine History

"A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable."

- Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1817.

And yet again, another tidbit of truth between our 2nd and 3rd Presidents - well after they had served. Today, we always talk about 'historic events', like whatever went on today is truly groundbreaking.  Rarely, if ever, does anything really change how the country works.  You think Jefferson and Adams had an idea that what they did truly changed the world?  Hell yeah...

Speaking of historic, we spent so much time trying to find a decent picture on Chickipedia, that we ended running across Vivien Leigh... Yes - Vivien Leigh actually has a page on Chickipedia!  She was hot whether it was for her day or now, so we're using her for this post.  Genuinely historic indeed!



Anonymous said...

Mike--somewhere Miss Scarlett is spinning in her grave, saying.".there's yankees on Tara"...teg

Mike Reino said...

I thought you missattriubuted that line, but then I remembered I was think of Aunt Pitty Pat screaming 'Yankees in Georgia !!!'.

GWTW was my favorite movie as a kid and is what stirred up my whole interest in the Civil War, even if the war is only a backdrop - like Titanic and Pearl Harbor.