Monday, March 19, 2012

Hugh Leatherman Sends His Message To The Competition Early - Get In, And I Will Destroy You

Yes, We Find Any Excuse to Use Ivan Drago From Rocky IV ...

     It's that time folks - Filing Period!  That magical two weeks where all the bluster ends, and we find out who REALLY is running, who isn't, and who just threw away $3480.... Yes, a lot of people are wasting their own money - and so much for being fiscally conservative.

     Now, it's not just an opportunity to sign up and say you're in. For many incumbents, the goal is not only just to say that you running's to tell anyone who is thinking of running to not bother.  The Florence delegation had a nicely coordinated showing of their candidates and incumbents filing.  While most are doing pretty much that and not much else for now, Senator Hugh Leatherman is going way past that...

     Maybe you haven't seen them, but we have.  Leatherman is airing commercials - nearly 8 months before the election.  Why? Simple.. Leatherman is sending a clear message to fellow Republicans and Democrats: You don't have a chance. I have so much cash on hand, that I can waste thousands in March to advertise. I will break you like I'm snapping twigs over my knee..

    It's a smart move, and while it looks like he's wasting cash, in the long run he may actually save money.  It's an easy plan: make it clear that this is your seat, mark your territory, and keep everyone else out.  Then, you don't have to spend ANY money on the campaign.. Though we haven't heard of anyone planning on facing Leatherman from either side, you never leave things to chance. Besides, the cash he's spending on the ads is the equivalent of you and I going to Applebee's for a burger instead of McDonald's...

     It's far from the worst idea ever, even if it's wasting money.  There's no doubt that Leatherman does not want to campaign at 81 years old... This would be a good way to avoid it, but it's not foolproof.  Anyone who runs already knows they will be outspent, or they're crazy enough to run with nothing.  There are a few in the 7th District seat going that route, and there might be one for Leatherman. If so, good luck with that, for Uncle Hugh will have no mercy them... If he/she dies , he/she dies.


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