Monday, March 05, 2012

Talk About a Big Meeting ....

Obama: Well, how about if we put some more sanctions on Iran? Is that better?    Netanyahu: Uhhh, NO... I Say Bomb The SOB's .

     There are 'important meetings', and then there are REALLY important meetings.  Today's confab between Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (no, not the rapper - that's Matisyahu) is a BIG DEAL, with impacts all over the spectrum..

      It reminds me a lot of My Cousin Vinny... Somehow, I can see Joe Pesci playing Obama, going 'Let's see.... what else can we pile onto the outcome of this f*cking problem??? Is there anymore sh*t we put on top of this???!!!'  Let's think about it for a second... US-Israeli relations, US-Iranian relations, Middle East peace, oil production, Nuclear War, the price of gasoline, billions of dollars out of Americans pockets, prices on food and everything else, potentially stopping an already weak economic recovery.... As Bubba would say, 'That's.... that's just about it.'  I'm full of them today!

     It is a huge mess... Israel is very nervous, and they are on a much shorter clock than we are, mainly due to two reasons: First, they are obviously within distance of a nuclear warhead shot from Iran, and secondly, their army is great, but they lack the technology to stop Iran than we do.  You see, Israel does not have bunkerbuster ability like we do.  So, they have to destroy the plant now, rather than later. And since evryone knows they don't have the capability, we can't give it to them to do it, because then we would be aiding the Muslim faith's arch enemy.  You see how they react to burning Quran's.... imagine if they blew up a reactor?  Our entire Middle East policy would be ruined. One step forward, seventeen steps back.

    So, what do we do? Hell, I have no clue.  Yes, I do draw blanks on occasion.... Part of me thinks that Iran is playing a game, and they will pull a North Korea, and back out from the edge in exchange for dropping sanctions.  Politically and peacewise, it would be the prudent thing to do.  Then again, another part of me would like to see Israel flatten the plant. Then we drop the sanctions, and build them a reactor that actually makes power, not weapons - all paid for with Iranian oil money.  Not the most lucid thought I've ever had, but I know Moye would like it!

    The one thing I know is that as much as Barack Obama says he doesn't bluff, he is nothing compared to Netanyahu.... The guy HATES Iran and any country that screws with Israel, and he probably would have flattened the plant already.  But, even he knows that it would be easier with America's approval - while it's back were turned.  That's why these guys get the big money, and all the chicks...  If there were a magic bullet (or missle), they would have done it by now.  It's kinda like being in Congress, only they can't do nothing this time...


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