Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Street Legal !!

Now Mitt Can Drive That Old Dodge and Opine About the Streets of Michigan Once Again !!

    Time for a lighter side of political news... Last week during Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney not only stopped by Boston to vote in the Massatooshits primary, and celebrate his six wins - he also had to renew his drivers license...

     Yep, it turns out Mitt's birthday is this week, and his Massachusetts DL was about to expire.  This confirms our first belief that Michigan is not really his home state anymore. Rule of thumb - whereever the DL is, that's where your home is.  Anyway, Mittster decided to kill two birds with one stone, and he got his license renewed..

    Now, you would think that the leading Presidential candidate going into the DMV would be asking for a riot.. We picture 500 people in line, all pissed off, asking him 'Whatcha gonna do fa me ??'  Quite possibly the dumbest question I ever got asked on the campaign trail... But that's not how The Bay State does it... Just like your favorite exclusive club, they have a VIP DMV office.  Mostly, it's used for state troopers requesting info and things like that, but if you are an elected official, celebrity or sports star, that is where you go...

   Yeah, Mitt Romney is street legal again, although he's not driving much right now - Secret Service is handling that for him.  The bad part is, the cat's out of the DMV bag, as we imagine half of Baahston will now be lined up outside the office, waiting to see a star.  We can hear it already... 'HOLY SHIT!!  Yo Sully, I think I just seen Big Papi at the DMV !!!!'.  Wonder if it has a velvet rope?


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