Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Laurens County GOP Unveils the Only Candidate Who Met Their Vetting Prerequisites.... Good Luck Finding Anyone!

New 'Vetting Committee' and Pledge Makes Sure You Either Are a Homophobe Bible Thumper... Or You're a Liar.

    We sure seem to be on the 'Super' theme today. Well, we have a not so super topic - unless you want to call it Super Stupid...  Word around the pipeline today is that Laurens County in the Upstate, has decided to make a three person vetting committee to try and attract the best possible candidates. Or more correctly, people who agree with their beliefs.  They are doing it under the guise of matching the platform of the GOP, but some of these pledges are so straight out of the 1950's Venereal Disease handbook that it's laughable - and it would be, if it weren't for the fact that they will make the ENTIRE Republican Party look like a bunch of tightass intolerant laughingstocks... 

    What are the requirements? There are 28 of them... Among them are that you do not own Porn, that you do not support gay marriage or Civil Unions, and that you dod not engage in sex before marriage...We say it before, and we say it again. The Constitution does not guarantee freedom of morals, it guarantees freedom of religion.  Morals are a personal issue, and it works both ways.  As long as you're not having sex with a minor, who you screw and whether they are the same sex or not is their choice. You don't have to agree with it, but that is America. We don't give freedoms to just the ones we agree with, but to all.  Let the states decide whether they want Gay Marriage or Civil Unions or not. 

    With all of these prerequisites, it sure does make the GOP sound like the 1% Democrats pick on us about.  So much for the Open Tent... SCGOP Chair Chad Connelly didn't give the most ardent dismissal of Laurens' vetting process, but it WAS a TPM Muckraker post that discussed the topic, so we'll let him off the hook for now.  The sad part is that this will get around, and in about 5-6 days, you'll see it on CNN, or probably MSNBC, and it will not be that Laurens County GOP are a bunch of elitist homophobes..... It will be the GOP that are, and that includes me.  Thanks a lot, jackasses !!


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