Thursday, March 29, 2012

So, Who Is the New 7th Congressional District Candidate ??

There He/She Is.... Lurking In the Shadows, Ready to Strike.  One Thing We Know - It's Not Coach Bennett.

     Yes, we let the cat out of the bag a day early on the Florence GOP about Steve Powers.  Hey, they knew we'd do it. It's our job. Besides, we rarely get first dibs on official news, so we gotta take it when we can.  Knowing that, Bill Pickle is keeping his lips sealed about his webcast airing tonight from In the Pickle Barrel.   He is promising a big announcement during the show concerning a new candidate for the already crowded 7th District field...

     Are we a bit jaded about this? Oh yeah..  For starters, if this person hasn't even announced yet, he/she is WAAAAAAAAYYYYY late for getting into the race.  It's already got too many people in it, so they are starting at a major disadvantage.  Most people have a favorite or two, so whoever this person is, they 1) better have HUGE name recognition, and 2) have a ton of cash to burn, because it's almost too late to got from zero to fundraising and the inevitable runoff in 2 1/2 months..  Our guess is, whoever it is, they likely lack one or both of them.

    Why do we think so? First off, a major candidate doesn't go on Bill's internet show to make their announcement.  The radio show would get more viewers.  Big names generally have an official speech at a major location for these things - ex., Steve Powers announcement yesterday.  Those are the things the newspapers and TV stations attend, and get the word out.  A webcast isn't the big cannon shot that a last-minute candidate needs to make a big splash - it's a cork pop.   But hey, no one asks us how to do these things.  What do we know about it? 

    Bill does like to see his name in the paper, and to be important.  This might get a few extra viewers to The Pickle Barrel, but as far as whoever Mr./Mrs. Candidate is, they're not doing themselves any favors, which gives us our first doubts on how well-prepared this person is for this race - but we'll see...   If they have $3480 and a Dream, go for it.  But we think they'd have a better chance at winning tomorrow's MegaMillions...


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Bill Pickle said...

Hey, Mike. Thanks for the plug. I agree with just about everything you said.


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