Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Those Darned Ungrateful Occupy Wall Street Protestors !!!

     You better sit down for this one, because we're about to do something that even we never thought we'd do.  We're going to feel bad for Michael Moore..... OK, not THAT bad, but from the news we got last night, it's pretty obvious that the Occupy Wall Street people flat-out just hate rich people - even the ones that support them...

   Support them? Hell, we've said it from the very beginning - Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story was the impetus for the OWS movement.  Yes, he's made a lot of money by not always being right, but that is America.  If we penalized people for making money by ripping off the people, then we'd have executed the guy who invented the Ab-Tronic, right?  No, I didn't buy one...  But, some of us measure their hatred for others by the amount of cash they have in the bank..

  The proof came out this week, when Moore went to New York to visit the OWS protestors - we assume in support - but a couple of the protestors heckled Moore, repeatedly shouting 'Michael Moore - $50 million!!' over and over again....  Moore didn't respond, but he had to hear the guys.  It's pretty sad when the movement devolves into members hating the guy who pretty much started the movement.  Really, is Michael Moore expected to sit in with these guys forever?  He can do much more good for their cause by doing what he does...

    Granted, we don't think Moore or the OWS protestors are right, but they're allowed to do as they wish - as long as it's legal.  It does make us laugh a bit to see Moore get bit by the ones he helped create.


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west_rhino said...

And the difference between an Etch-A-Sketch, Michael Moore and Mitt is that one is a child's toy and the other two are clueless chameleons.