Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cartoons of the Week...

    We didn't realize it was Spring Break already - or it sure seemed like it in the political cartoon world.  Tough to find one good one, much less two. It was the same old stuff: Mitt Romney has no support, the GOP field has no favorite, blah, blah, blah.... Then we found this little nugget right at the end.  While the jury remains out, this could be the first sign that Kim Jong Un (or whoever is now pulling the strings in North Korea) is a bit more sensible than his father was... Saving the world from Nuclear Disaster with food. Think that would work with Iran??

The other news not in US Politics was the passing of Davy Jones.. When I was in kindergarten, back in the days of split session, before I went to school, I would watch two shows: Underdog and The Monkees.  Personally, I was a Micky fan, but Davy was pretty cool too. 

    For those of you who are wondering why I have nothing on Andrew Breitbart, this is why.. I rarely read other blogs. I've heard of him, but never read anything on him, and I never post on things I don't know about.  Lots of staunch Republicans seem that they will miss him, and we wish the Conspiracy Theorists would stop - it gives his family no peace to make them think he was murdered.  Let the man rest..


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