Monday, March 12, 2012

Mississippi and Alabama Are a Big Freaking Mess Right Now !

Keep Looking Guys.... Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich Are Under That Pile There Somewhere !!!!

    We've done pretty well at picking these primaries and caucuses so far this year.  Not that we're that good, but it's just that there's been a lot of easy trends.  But for the first time, we're going to have to say this - we don't know who will win tomorrow's votes in Alabama and Mississippi. Let's go to the polls, just to show you how tight it actually is...

    In Alabama, Mitt Romney is actually leading - by a WHOLE POINT over Newt Gingrich, and two points over Rick Santorum.  Mississippi isn't much easier, where Gingrich is up by two points over Romney, and Santorum is still close, at only six points back.  Take the + or - factor in, and you have a pile of who knows... So, it comes down to our trends again...

    There are three forces in place here: the Romney inevitability vote, the Santorum conservative alternative vote, and the Gingrich Alamo vote... Here's what we think.  The whole primary season has been a mess, and it will not stop here, at least not yet.  The one major trend we see on the campaign trail is Mitt Romney making an ass out of himself this week.  As a transplanted Yankee living Down South for the past 15 years, I am an expert in Yankee assimilation. Here is my advice... Mitt stop trying to 'fit in'.  No f**king grits comments, don't have an idiot sing 'Sweet Home Alabama' at your events, and don't EVER say Y'all..... It is the most unnatural sound in the world - worse than Earl trying to do his New York accent. I've slipped a Y'all in about 3-4 times in my life, and I called a guy 'Bo' once... You should have seen the look.

   Mitt has a size 14 topsider jammed in his mouth right now, and it's showing in the polls. He had an 8 point lead earlier-  bye, bye!  It would not surprise us to see Mitt finish third in both now.  Santorum has moved up a little,and will be right there, but what we foresee - and we hate to say it - is Newt pulling off a pair or razor-thin wins.  Those two states go to four now, all neatly in a line, and Newt can tell his naysayers to kiss his white, round and sizeable butt...

Gingrich 35%, Santorum 32%, Romney 28%, Paul 5%.

Gingrich 34%, Santorum 30%, Romney 30%, Paul 6%.

And the beat goes on!


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