Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breaking Local News.... Florence County Official Indicted for Embezzlement of Funds.

Just off the news wire..... Florence County Voter Registration director Michael Young will be indicted for embezzlement. It's a little different than your usual public official skimming money. Young was retired from the railroad (probbaly CSX), and he collected more than $40,000 in disability benefits from them, while working on the Voter Registration and Elections Commission Board , and having a voting machine consulting business - all at the same time. Young sure was busy......
I don't know Mr. Young. I dealt with Russell Barrett at the elections board when he was director. Barrett was a top notch guy, and he even won an honor as the best elections board director in the state. It looks like we took a step back with his successor. Sure, he didn't cheat taxpayers, but we need more honesty from our public officials.

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tallahassee moye said...

you sure he aint from williamsburg county