Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Being Italian Used to be Like..

My sister sent this to me earlier in the week. For those of you who never really experienced the immigrant life, it's a neat little ( albeit a bit long) snippet of what it was like growing up Italian in New York.
In a way, it's very similar to other cultures - family was the most important thing, and everyone was close to each other. And the FOOD !!!!! Yummy ! Like most people, we spoke our own language, hung out with our own people, an eventually we 'Americanized', an worked our way into and up the ladder of the American Dream. A lot of that is missing in my own family now, and it's nice little trip back into life as a kid.
Here's what it was like..
and here's a clip of something else with Italians. If you are sensitive about insults to italians , or the 'N' word, skip this one.....


going back in to get my money soon at the Treasure Chest Casino Moye said...

Is that a Reino salute

Martha said...

glad you liked the video brother! I miss Aunt Tessy's Manicotti, Sundays at Grandma's, Christmas and Easter with 25 people in the house and Mom's lasagna!

Anonymous said...

so it is true,there blacks and italians are related. there are two cases of documented proof and italian cooking is just another version of soul food.

look i ain't got no problems with it. I think that was what spike lee was trying to tell everybody in "do the right thing"...if you were smart enough to read between the lines.

Bottom line we are all in the same family.

Mike Reino said...

Italian Soul Food.... I like it !!