Saturday, April 26, 2008

Engineers Are Schmucks, and Here's the Proof.

Ever have to deal with an engineer in business? I have. Generally speaking, they are the worst profession to deal with as customers. Why? Two reasons: First they, don't think, they KNOW they are smarter than you. Secondly, and more to the point, is that they don't believe anything you say, no matter how steeped in fact it may be. You need to scientifically prove to an engineer why things are the way they are. Want to piss an engineer off? Tell them 'that's just how it is'. Watch them turn purple......

This is soemthing I got e-mailed. It's a check to Verizon Wireless from an engineer who had to show how smart he was. The dollar amount came to 536.49, but the putz had to put the amount in algebraic terms. So, the guy's smart enough to know Pi, but he's too stupid to pay his phone bill for at least 4-5 months !!


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west_rhino said...

Well, the postage on teh equivalent amount of pennies was more than the bill and the flippin' Wizard sold out to Chad at Alltel... maybe he sould have written it in Rupees, which the outsourced tech support folks are paid in New Deli.