Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is Barack Obama an Elitist ??

The Air is Pretty Thin Up Here......

Time to address something that has been tossed around a lot this week. After his 'Bittergate' speech in San Fran last week. The question has been tossed around quite a bit - Is Barack Obama an Elitist ??

I'll try to be brief on this - I only have til 600PM anyway... To be an elitist, one usually has to have a certain amount of wealth, power and prestige. Obama has a little bit of each, but it's all been recently attained. One can hardly consider him an 'upper crust' type. So, to use the term elite is incorrect.

Here's what Obama's problem really is. He's not a rural-to-suburban type. Just being poor as a kid with a white mother and white grandparents doesn't make you 'country'. I've been in SC for 11 years now, and I'm not country, and I'll likely never be country..... His experience is more of an urban poor life. That is where his experience is from. He just doesn't understand those people, and he makes assumptions and generalizations - one may call it prejudices.

Is calling him prejudiced an insult? Maybe, but it seems like the truth. We all have prejudices, because we all have different experiences. I may have grown up with lot of black friends, but I can't say I understand their problems fully, simply because I am not black. Makes sense? It should. Obama's prejudices seem to be coming more to the forefront as he speaks more. Things like 'my typical white grandmother' are examples of prejudices, and it shouldn't be a surprise. No candidate is a one-size fits all person. Hillary isn't a common person, no matter how hard she tires, and John McCain has a military pedigree as strong as anyone in America.

Does this make any of them bad candidates. Not at all.. John Stewart was pretty right when he said that we don't really want an ordinary person as President. They should be special in some way. Being president is taking place in some pretty rarified air, so we should be picky to a degree. But, then again, having the common touch is important too, and Obama showed that he might not quite get it with real Americans. It's not being eliteist - it's being a urban liberal...



still in chicago moye said...

I travel all over this country and I honestly do not understand why so many people love this guy. He seems like he is the real teflon don. Nothing he can say will hurt him.

Earl Capps said...

you're not country?!? wait a minute, wasn't that you i saw in the field with that goat? ;)