Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forget Obama Girl and Her Silicone TaTa's... The GOP Unveils It's New Star - Justin, the GOP Baby !!

Every campaign needs a mascot of sorts... Michael Dukakis had Willie Horton, John Kerry had Ben Affleck, and Al Gore.... well, Al Gore was his own mascot. Barack Obama has Obama Girl. So, if you take you political advice from a third-rate model with nice fakies, you can blame yourself. The GOP has their own mascot.
This is Justin. He's about 18 months, he's as cute as the Dickens, and he's well-informed. Don't believe me? Just read his shirt, then you can apologize later.... He's full of poo, and he's not afraid to throw it around once in a while. DEMOCRATS BEWARE !!!!!!!


bobby said...

typical republican...full of shit! hahahahahahahahaha.

sorry Mike...big hug for ya this weekend.

santee cooper moye said...

i need a shirt like that for the grandchildren