Saturday, April 05, 2008

SC6 Lost Movie Classic: True Romance.

Time for another SC6 movie classic. This week's movie is the 1993 cult favorite 'True Romance'. Directed by Tony Scott (Thelma and Louise), and having an all-star cast, it's one of those great 90's action movies, with a good sense of humor. Written by Quentin Tarentino one year before he made Pulp Fiction, I and most people who see it agree that it's better than Pulp Fiction.
It's about Clarence (Christian Slater) a young guy who idolizes Kung Fu and Elvis. His boss at the comic book store he works at arranges for Clarence to get a call girl for his birthday(Patricia Arquette). Clarence and Alabama instantly fall in love and get married. The only problem is getting Alabama's pimp ,Drexl ( a totally unrecognizable Gary Oldman). They get her things, rather violently, and instead of Alabama's bag, he accidentally grabs a suitcase full of cocaine. Oops!!
What do they do now? They decide to drive out to California to a see a friend of Clarence's who worked (almost) as an actor in Hollywood, figuring everyone in Hollywood could use a bag of coke. The only problem is that The Mob wants their coke back, the cops are looking for him too, and Clarence has to gain the trust of a big time Hollywood producer to buy his stash.
The plotline sounds very 90's now, but the real gift of the movie are the actors in the film, and even more, the long one on one scenes. And the cast is unbelievable. Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, Bronson Pinchot, Christopher Penn and a ton more are all in the film, and they're all great. There's a lot of violence, foul language and obviously, there's a lot drugs here, but it's all a backdrop to the super acting between the cast.
Here's a couple clips from the movie. First is the big meeting between Clarence and Drexl, and the second is a cranked-out Brad Pitt getting a visit from the Mob in L.A. . I also have the clip of Dennis Hopper and Walken on my beign Italian blog earlier this week.

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