Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kudos to Andre Bauer For Doing the Right Thing..

Time to give credit where it is due... Last month, we had our 6th Congressional District Convention in Orangeburg. Part of the convention is to choose local delegates to the National Convention in Minneapolis. One of the candidates was Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. At the time , I expressed my feeling that Bauer, nor any statewide officeholder, should be on the ballot, and that local people should be voted in.
Not all of the participants felt that way. Even though Bauer did say they didn't have to vote for him, they did. No problem at all to me. It was my opinion, and the majority didn't agree with me. So be it.... But the argument must have had an effect on Andre.
After getting back to Florence last night, I checked my mail, and in it was a letter from Andre. Apparently, he had decided to forgoe his selection, and instead, he will run at the statewide convention in May. That's a pretty classy move, considering that he had a guaranteed seat based on the vote. For all of the cheap shots taken at Andre over the years, what he did was a very good thing. Someone local will now be at the convention - probably for the first time - and taking part in the electoral process.
It also means Moye will now have a guaranteed seat in Minneapolis. As for Andre, he has SC6's full endorsement for selection at the statewide convention. Good Luck ! This also just in.....Moye has just donated $10,000 to the Andre Bauer campaign... Kidding.


Anonymous said...

3 months ago I need help with my elderly father. No one would on the local level would help.

I called the Lt. Governor's office on aging and with in 24 hours Andre had phone 4 state oficials...and had worked out my problem.

The lt. Governor's Office of Aging is the best service I have ever gotten from government and I thnak Anre Bauer for that.

Mike Reino said...

Thanks for the story. Andre is as good an advocate seniors have.

Moye Graham said...

I certainly will be voting for him at the State Covention and I do hope all the 6th District will. I will certainly push for him in Clarendon. I will also talk to several other delegations especially Williamsburg, Orangeburg, Sumter and Florence. This was a class act for sure. Remember he only beat me by one vote so Andre still has not lost an election.

Anonymous said...

moye, that may be true, but one thing is certain - he's never faced a tougher opponent or closer race.

you're sure a lot tougher, and more of a qualified republican, than the likes of mike campbell or rita allison.

moye graham said...

Thanks anonymous