Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Show the Shatner So Far Ignored.. TJ Hooker !!

Don't Think Too Long on Those Autographs, Shatner... HI BILLY ???
The beauty of blogging is sometimes, you don't have to work too long on a blog to get a good laugh for your readers - even if it is only 4 or 5 of them. This is one of them. I give you Shatner's intro for his other TV show, TJ Hooker !!
Sure, it was campy, especially for a cop show, but hey, it gave us Freakin' Heather Locklear... Twenty-five years later, and Heather is the gift that keeps on giving. Here you go..


wish i was not in charlotte airport moye said...

you are right about heather

west_rhino said...

Mike, TJ Hooker didn't bring us Heather Locklear, it brought us more Heather Locklear. Ooops I'm thinking of Heather Thomas on Fall Guy... Though Locklear did show up in two episodes of Fall Guy and Markie Post (what a rack) did a few more

Mike Reino said...

Heather Thomas was pretty hot too, but she fell off the table after a while. As for Markie Post, she was quite well-endowed, even though she hid 'em for the most part.