Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fact Vs. Fiction - Titslinger Vs. Crapper !!

Two Great Inventions, But Only One Real Inventor...........

Urban Myths. We all know some, but which ones are true, and which stories that we accept as fact are false? I was having another one of my juvenile conversations at work with Rick, and he asked me he inventor of the toilet's name. Of course I knew the answer: Thomas Crapper. So, trying to capitalize on my looking smart, I replied 'Do you know the name of the inventor of the Bra?' I had always heard that it was Otto Titslinger. But........

Now, Rick thought I was kidding about Titslinger. So, I did what every American does nowadays - I Googled it. Sure enough , there were plenty of articles on Titslinger and Crapper, and it's through the magic of the Internet that I now know, and I can enlighten you all too. That is what this blog is all about after all..

First off, Titslinger did not invent the bra. He was a character created by humorist Wallace Reyburn in a book 'Bust Up: The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling'. Titslinger was one of many variations through the passing of the story.

Crapper is a different story altogether. Yes, Crapper was real. Crapper worked for years as a plumber. But, Crapper did NOT invent the flushable toilet. That was credited to Edward Jennings at about the same time as Crapper. However, Crapper did make many improvements to the toilet, including one that is still used today - The Ballcock. This guy really had no luck with names, but when yuor name is Crapper..... Why do I have the urge to poop now?? CRAPPER !!!!!

So, be advised that not everything you hear is true, although I'm still positive that the first guy to leave marks on a woman's neck was named Hickey... Need the facts? Just Google it.



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