Sunday, August 09, 2009

August 9th - Taking the Good With The Bad

It's August 9th - one of those days that kind of cross between the personal and the political. There are those dates that everyone knows - Christmas, New Years, etc. But we all have those days where everything seems to happen. In my house, today is one of those days....
Now, for those of you who have read this blog for a while, you know that my family has a track record for disasters and milestones occuring on the same day. I have the same birthday as OJ, my brother has the exact same birthdate as Princess Di, Dad was born on September 11th, and my parents wedding is on the same day as he Kennedy Assassination. Oh, and one of my nieces was born on Waco, Oklahoma City and Columbine - all ahead of time. It's not like we picked these dates - they're just weird coincidences.
As far as today goes, there are three events that occured today: Nixon's resignation, The Manson Murders , and the bomb being dropped on Nagasaki. Not exactly a trio of happy events, but it is also my sister-in-law Cindy's and niece (her daughter) Emily's birthdays. Yeah, it's a bit odd for mom and daughter to have birthdays on the same day, but it happens. I'll let you decide if it'a another sign of my family being born under a black cloud , or if it adds a little happiness to what might ordinarily be an unhappy day....
Happy Birthday Cindy and Emily !

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mg said...

My Mother and oldest sister born on the fourth of July. My Son and Daughter born on April 9. My birthday is the most celebrated party in the world New Years Eve. My brother September 25 his wife October 25. I was born on the last day of the year December my ex wife was born on the last day of November. My first cousin was also born on the last day of the year. The list goes on. Its a small world you know.