Friday, August 07, 2009

For a Little While, That Car WAS Da' Bomb ..

Time for some goofy local news that probably didn't make the cut in the rest of South Carolina. There was a bit of a scare in North Florence today. It seems that a car headed for the crusher at the Bush Recycling facility ( a Cash for Clunker car , maybe?) had an extra little present inside of it - seven sticks of Dynamite..
Okay, so it didn't turn out to be TNT - it was actually seven pieces of wood, wrapped in wax paper. This was found out after the Florence County Sheriff's Office had to send the Bomb Squad to dismantle it. The annoying part was that this was going on the same time as there was a manhunt for a man who shot a convenience store clerk in Timmonsville, so the FCSO was stretched a bit thin there for a while. The good news that we don't have Al-Qaeda or any other terrorists in Florence County as far as we can tell - although I still don't trust that guy who works at Ken's.....

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