Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'Dollar' Bill Jefferson Is Going to The Joint...

Bribeloc - Keeps the $90k In the Freezer Safe and Protected !

We here at SC6 say goodbye to former Congressman William Jefferson (D-La.). Jefferson was accused of taking bribes totalling $400,000 for steering business in Africa to certain American companies, which in case you didn't know IS illegal. Jefferson was best known for hiding $90,000 in cash in a Ziploc bag in his freezer. Feel free to insert your favorite 'Cold Cash' joke in the comments....

Jefferson contended that he was innocent, but it wasn't even close. He was convicted on 11 of 16 counts, and he now faces up to 185 years in jail. It's safe to say his political career is over, and perhaps his life on the outside as well. I'm sure that he'll be fine in jail - he'll just become some big guy's bitch, and things should take care of themselves.... Hey Bill, don't drop the soap, buddy..


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