Friday, August 21, 2009

Blue Dog Promises To Go the Curly Howard Route If He Votes For Obama's Health Care.

Dan Boren: Before ......And After ?
If you've ever dealt with Congressmen, you know that many of them are totally full of it .... They get on the stump, tell you that they are going to do a million different things - often which contradict each other - but then do the exact opposite when they go back home - home to DC, that is .....
It makes it real difficult to tell when a Congressman is telling you the truth. Well, Blue Dog Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK) may have made a promise that his constituents can take to the bank..... or in this case, the Barber Shop. Boren has publicly stated that if he votes for the Health Care reform bill, that he will shave his head bald...
Now, if this were coming from say , Henry Waxman, who's already lost most of his hair, I wouldn't be too enthused. But, Boren is one of those members of the House that gels his hair 24/7, so that it NEVER goes out for place. Call it what it is - he's vain... So, when a guy like Boren tells you that he's willing to trade in his coif to look like Mr. Clean, he MIGHT be telling you the truth.
More importantly, it shows that not all Democrats are united in unanimity for this plan. There is one small out for Boren and other Blue Dogs - the final plan has not been reconciled between the House and Senate, so we'll see if they keep their promises ....... and their hair..


pluvlaw said...

I love these Blue Dogs. How the hell do they think they will do trying to be Republican light by killing an issue that's time has come like reform and making their party look incompetent?

Seriously...if you are against health care reform, why again are you a democrat? I fail to see the long-term strategy and/or intellectual honesty in these guys. You know, I thought Heath Shuler was a shitty NFL QB. He's a worse democrat.

And it's not about accepting moderation in the party. To me, an idea like health care reform is as central a plank to what the Democratic party is, as being a fiscal conservative ought to be for the GOP in my mind.

It would be like me joining the Florence Country Club because I like breakfasts, but I am wholly opposed to golf and exclusive clubs. Hey...dipshit, you would say, go to Hardees.

williamsburg county mg said...

I like them Hardees biscuits myself