Monday, August 17, 2009

School's Back In Session, Look Out For the Kids

Well, it was back to the AM grind again today..... I had to get up early, and take my kids off to McLaurin Elementary for the first day of school. Wait a second - I don't have any kids. Who the hell were those kids i dropped off at school?? I hope I took them to the right place.....

Anyway, today is the first day of school in most districts, and most of the colleges are going back in session for the Fall Semester as well. As usual, make sure you keep an eye out for the kids at the bus stops, and give yourself an extra couple minutes to get to work - unless you're live on Third Loop Rd, where you'll need ten minutes. That darned bus stops on every corner !!!

Good luck to all the kids on another year, and special wishes to Ms. X, as she starts her last year at Coker - go get 'em !! Hopefully, you don't have any professors like this one.....


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west_rhino said...

Had a few of those Mikey, not easy, but fun "A" courses, 500 level Geography and History, one taught by a former member of the Belgian underground that survived WW2, one by a Navy skipper that reintroduce a two semester evolution of warfare course and a retired cannon cocker.

Almost forgot the third generation marine that taught SCUBA (3hrs credit if you wre PE major, else one hour as an elective).