Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colbert Does a Beer Bong With a Congressman !

Jared ! Jared !!!

By far, the best thing on 'The Colbert Report' is when he visits members of Congress. There are few things better than seeing a Congressman squirm and ultimately, look like a retard. Last night, Colbert sat down with Jared Polis (D-CO) , the first openly gay Congressman to win a seat. While it wasn't so much a slam piece designed to make him look bad, it was pretty damn funny, while still having an interesting short debate on homosexuality.....

Of course the part that you'll notice is Colbert convincing Polis to pound a beer from a bong. It didn't look like Polis is a bonger - he had the funnel higher than the tube, and he only finished about half of it. But, in his defense - the beer looked warm, and it was foamy as all hell. Here's the clip...



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