Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the Gloves Come Off In the GOP Race .....

Get Up, You Sissy !!!  Time Is Running Out, So The Candidates Start to Ignore Reagan's 11th Commandment..

     We're only three weeks away from the Iowa Caucus.  It's funny to us that a state whose voters are so assbackwards, compared to the rest of the country, get so much of the attention every 4 years.  But, it is what it is... This isn't like 1968, when Bobby Kennedy jumped into the race in MARCH... Getting off to a good start is paramount.  For candidates like Michele Bachmann, doing well in Iowa is everything... Don't let her BS you. If she finished 4th, she is toast, which means...... she is toast. Let the clock begin.

     Just about all of the candidates, with the exception of Rick Perry, held back from attacking any of the other guys.  But time is getting short, and the perpetual revolving door of front runners seems to have settled on Newt Gingrich.  With the bullseye clearly on Newtie's back - and no time left - the knives are out in full force.

      Perry is still attacking Mitt Romney.  Romney is attacking Gingrich. Gingrich is hitting Romney back.  Bachmann is going after both Romney and Gingrich.  Ron Paul is attacking Gingrich and Perry, although Perry's mouth does more to kill himself than any opponent does.  Jon Huntsman's tree that falls in the woods eeks criticism at Gingrich and Romney.  Hell, EVERYONE is going after Gingrich... Meanwhile, Rick Santorum is out there somewhere....

      Will it all work? Nope.  Will any of it work? Doubtful.  The truth is there are no new slings to toss at any of the candidates.  Perry's assault was the exact same attack that he used four months ago.  Of course, Romney made an ass of himself by betting Perry $10,000 on the truth of it.  We were waiting for one of them to break out with 'My Daddy Can Beat Up Your Daddy' or 'Yo Momma So Ugly' jokes, but we weren't so lucky...

     Like most politicians, with the exception of Gingrich, they all failed to see the date coming up so fast, and their shortcomings have caught up with them.  They planned last minute moves, only to find that voters are making up their minds a few weeks ahead of time.  Is Gingrich the clear winner? No, but his mojo hasn't quite peaked yet, which is a good sign going into January, which it almost is.... Snuck up on you guys, didn't it?  Maybe ONE MORE attack will work.  Anyone have some new dirt?


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