Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Congress Can't Relate to You.... Especially in These Tougher Times

Word Is, This T-Shirt Is Issued to Every New Congressman... But It Could Be a Rumor.

     For those of you who sometimes feel like Washington doesn't have any idea what it's like for the rest of us in the real world, you're not alone... It's not in your head.  We have numbers to back up what you're always wondered - is my Congressman so used to the High Life (not Miller High Life) that they have lost all track of what it's like for real people?  The answer appears to be yes....

     There are two stats that give you an idea of the discrepancy. First there is the overall net worth.  The net worth of the average Congressman is $725,000 - not including real estate worth.  The average American's is $20,500, so for starters, you Congressman has 35 TIMES as much in the bank.  Perhaps that's why living paycheck to paycheck is a lost concept....

     The bad (or worse) news is that the gap is getting worse.  You see, the fastest rising group in Net Worth is..... Congress! We shit you not... The average American's Net Worth has flatlined since the 2008 recession began.  Congress' net worth, on the other hand, has risen by 15%, even outpacing the top tier of the wealthy (8%).  In short, it appears that even Congress is envious of the rich - and their doing their best to at least get themselves closer to the Upper Crust.

    No surprise to us... Think about it.  Where is the point that all tax hikes seem to start at?  $250,000... What does a Congressman make? About $170,000...  Who needs lobbyists?  Congress is already their own best advocates.  This is likely a rare case where we don't have many solutions... They set the laws, so short of a Congressional toilet flush, we're not sure how to fix it.  Maybe also not making it impossible for an average Joe  to run would give them some perspective as well..  Good Luck!


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