Sunday, December 18, 2011

You'll Never Guess One of Newt's Favorite Movies ..

Any Movie With Mike Tyson and a Naked Chinese Guy Kicking the Crap Out of Three People With a Crow Bar Gets Our OK !

     Anyone can tell you the usual new about the candidates.. Campaign stops? BO-RING !!!  Endorsements?  ZZZZZZ...   Behind the scenes staff changes?  Please, don't make us laugh.... No, what people REALLY want to know about the candidates is personal stuff.  What's your favorite song/band?  Got a favorite supermodel?  Boxers/briefs/freestyle? 

    OK, maybe no one wants to know the last one, but a major factor for a candidate these days is likability.  Which one do you want to have a beer with?  So, we have a tidbit that we heard about Newt Gingrich... Newtie is a big movie fan, and one of his favorite movies is...... wait for it...... The Hangover.

    We shit you not... Maybe it's Heather Graham playing a stripper/ call girl, or Mike Tyson dropping Zach Galifianakis in one punch, or a Bengal Tiger in the bathroom, but Newt has seen the movie a lot.  Not once, no twice.... but SEVEN times!  That's even tice more than we've watched it.  No report on his favorite line, but we think it may be the Asian guy yelling 'You Wanna F**ky Me ?????'.  You want the answer to that, you ask him.  We're not touching that one....


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