Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chavez: US Is Giving South America Leaders Cancer?

SQUAWK !!!! This Guy I'm Sitting On Is Crazy !!!!

     Remember last week, when we lamented Kim Jong Il's passing, because we had no idea what crazy leaders would take his place?  One of the guys we mentioned to take his place was Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.  Well, it looks like he must read our blog, because he's making an all-out effort to slip into the open space...

     Yep, Chavez put out some funny stuff this week, when he suggested that the US might be poisoning South American leaders with cancer.... Yes, we are so afraid of Banana Republics apparently, that we're slipping them all a toxic mickey.  What makes Chavez so convinced of this?  Well, of all the South American nations, three leaders have cancer.  You and I call it a coincidence - he calls it a conspiracy....

     Is he right? Maybe.... However, I don't think there is a general hatred of Venezuela, Argentina and Peru (the 3 cancer-stricken leaders countries), so I realy doubt it.  But, it sure does spur Chavez in Top Shelf territory for Kook Dictator.  Funny, we thought he at least wait for the body to get cold, but he just couldn't wait!


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