Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cartoon of the Week, Half Price For the Holidays

     It was a very odd week in political cartoons.  Yes, they're supposed to be witty, but no one likes 'toons that are inside jokes.  A couple of them had us wondering WTF they were getting at.... A Titanic parody that took us a couple minutes to realize it was Angela Merkel?  Vladimir Putin judo chopping a Russian briefcase?  Luckily, they got better as we went along...

    Yeah, we think Donald Trump 'mediating' a debate is a bad idea... The guy is a narcissist, who thinks he knows everything, and if I were a candidate, I'd avoid him like the plague - and most are...

And why did we pick this one?  Well, the motorcycle is cool, although the handlebars are WAAAAAY too short (good luck turning with those puppies), we like the scruffy facial hair and leathers.  But yeah, the ladies do like the bad boys. Is there such a thing as a bad boy named Newt?


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