Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Once We Ruin Earth, We Can Start Over.. 620 Light Years Away

Scientists Discover a 'Goldilocks Planet' - Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold ... Just Too Far.

     And now for some good news - sort of.  Word is that NASA scientists have located a planet that is perhaps the most similar to Earth ever seen.  It's in a zone with a star very similar to the Sun, and the distance from it may allow it to sustain life, but they're really not sure at this point.  Hell, they don't even know if it has an atmosphere or clouds yet.

    If it seems like these guys are somewhat speculating , they are.  You see, the planet, called Kepler 22b, is over 620 light years away.  Still, it gives us all hope.  I'd comment on it further, but me and this girl are hopping in our space traveling pod, and headed for the place now, where we will be like Adam and Eve, and try to get it right this time.  Don't worry - I brought along extra sodas and Twinkies for the trip....


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