Monday, December 05, 2011

Today's Founders Quote: Understanding Principles

"There is no part of the administration of government that requires extensive information and a thorough knowledge of the principles of political economy, so much as the business of taxation. The man who understands those principles best will be least likely to resort to oppressive expedients, or sacrifice any particular class of citizens to the procurement of revenue."

- Alexander Hamilton, 1788.

   Hamilton hits the nail right on the head here, and it explains why we are having such trouble with our taxation system right now.  Basically, it takes a certain skill to be able to determine fair taxation and how it affects the economy... Need a reason why the Supercommittee was doomed from Day One?  Take a look at it's members, and see how many of them have ANY expertise in finance or economics... If America can make an equitable , simple tax system, then she will progress, and the divisions between classes will lessen.

    Now, this is the first time we had a guy in one of our Founders Quote pics.. We kinda HAD to put Dale Earnhardt Jr here, because he was glued to his girlfriend, Amy Reimann, at the NASCAR Awards this month.  We would be too - she's hot!  No wonder Dale had an off year.  Again...


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