Saturday, December 03, 2011

SC6 Breaking News: Cain Train Comes to a Screeching Halt

So Long, Pizza Man... We Hardly Knew You !

      A quick post to note the news that Herman Cain has suspended (re: quit) his campaign for President.  If Cain went into this to up his name recognition, then he has certainly succeeded.  Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman haven't come even close to the juice Cain had going for a little while there..

     Unfortunately, Cain 2012 will be known for two things: 999 and Sexual Harrassment.  Maybe Santorum and Huntsman are lucky..  While Cain added a different and necessary element to the race, there was no chance of him winning.  999 is ridculously slanted towards the upper income earners,  he had ZERO foreign policy knowledge, and as far as the harrassment claims, there is more smoke than a High Times magazine readers convention.  Do they have a convention?  Anyway....

    Give hime some credit.  Cain was smart enough to recognize that the past month is putting great stress and embarassment on his wife and family.  They didn't ask for this, and likely knew nothing of it, but they deserve to get their own privacy back.  Cain is doing the right thing. Hopefully, he won't have the stupidity to get back in...


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