Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Runs For Mayor Of Florence ...

OK, It's Actually Ed Robinson.... But It May As Well Be.

    The big news in local politics in the Pee Dee was the announcement that Florence City Councilman Ed Robinson will be challenging incumbent Mayor Stephen Wukela in the 2012 Democratic primary...  Our main comment? Good Luck!

    We'll try to look at this objectively, because we always get hate comments from Robinson supporters, who call us racist.  Not that it bothers us, but we do worry that one of these kooks will eventually burn our house down.  Fortunately, the cab fare from North Florence to my block is at least $12... It just ain't worth it!

    Maybe we were being a bit callous to Robinson here, but seriously, Robinson has NO CHANCE of beating Wukela.  That's why we used the Tooth Fairy, but feel free to use Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, Unicorns or any of your favorite non-existent beings... Just look at the obvious.  Robinson just barely squeaked by to win his own seat last time around, with all of 400-500 votes.  He'll rile up a good amount of votes in his district, but he will get slaughtered in all other areas..

    It's not just a weakness on Robinson, it's Wukela is running a position of strength right now.  Yeah, Wukela 'shocked' Frank Willis in 2008, but it wasn't a real shock.  Rumblings about a challenge to Willis had been around for years.  Wukela has shored up every weak spot that he had when he was elected since then.  He didn't make outlandish promises, and the ones he did promise, he fulfilled, without major tax hikes.  In business, we call it underpromising and overdelivering. Aim small, miss small....

    In a way, we're surprised Robinson is taking on Wukela.  From all the meetings we've seen, Wukela has been respectful of Robinson's rants at council meetings.  He's given him his time, before having to reel in Ed to stay on point at whatever the subject they are discussing is.  It's ironic that Wukela - who we would guess is at least 20 years Robinson's junior - has been the adult in the room...  That is the difference.  

    The Florence Mayor's race in 2012 will be pretty dull.  Wukela will trounce Robinson in the Primary, and has plenty of Republican support - so much that the GOP may not even field a candidate.  May not, but we think a marginal candidate will run, then find out he/she can't find any financial support, because Wukela has already locked it up.  Robinson, and anyone for that matter, has the right to run.  But he has as much of chance of beating Wukela that I had of beating Jim Clyburn... See, we ARE objective.

     Our guess is Robinson wants to just get a forum where he gets equal time with Mayor Hickory Head.  We doubt Wukela will give him the time, because if you want to look like an idiot, then debate an idiot.  The Mayor has given him plenty of time, and has worked to address Robinson's valid points.  The only people who will lose, aside from Robinson, will be any GOP primary candidates that will not get votes because of the crossover votes to ensure that Wukela crushes Ed.  Or Santa. Or whoever else comes down the pike, and on the ballot.


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He will never get it.