Friday, December 09, 2011

Lights, Camera, PROTEST ! It's Mockupy Wall Street

If This Post Doesn't Convince You That the OWS Protestors Are a Bunch of Attention Starved Media Whores, Nothing Will...

      Time to preface our post today.  We didn't have a big grudge against the Occupy Wall Street protestors at first.  Sure, we had them pegged as a bunch of followers who watched Michael Moore's movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, and decided to take his advice.  No, we understand the '99%' and their complaints.  This is America... Everyone has a right to protest.  But, they don't have the right to take over public spaces, thus denying pretty much all others from using the places they took over and funked up.  After that, we started viewing them as the cousin who comes to visit....then never leaves.

      Nope, in our opinion, for too long now, the message has been lost, and for too many of the OWS participants, it is now about THEM.  Don't believe us?  The story today might convince you..  New York has just about everything going on.  One of those things is a thriving TV and movie business.  Very often, entire sections of the city are closed off to film scenes.  Citizens pay little attention to it, because it goes on all the time....

      One of the TV shows that films here regularly is the 'Law and Order' franchise. Long known for taking shows direct from the headlines to give the show an up to the minute feel, the 'SVU' version of the show rented out Foley Park in downtown Manhattan to film a scene that was like the OWS movement.  Word of it got out, and the Occupy protestors decided that nothing would be better than having the real thing there.  So, the gang left Zuccotti Park, and went up the block to Foley Park - and took over the place.

      Now, we get it.. You don't have anything else to do, so why have someone act like you, when you can do it yourself?  Therein lies the problem. This is a TV SHOW SET.... not the protest, and the people there are ACTORS.  This isn't real.  Don't you think if the producers, directors and NBC wanted to have you guys filmed, they would have just gone to Zuccotti Park and filmed you?  Apparently, they didn't. 

      But, when your group is an unorganized mess of people without a clear vision or agenda, except they don't like people with money - the message is not as important as you are.  They've lost their goodwill with the people, and those that are left mainly are there to be 'discovered' somehow.  Trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.. The good news for the rest of us is winter has finally come - with overnight temps dropping below freezing.  Even the media won't want to go outside, so once the TV cameras go, their true mettle to their 'values' will be tested. We have a feeling they will fail.  


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