Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nikki Haley Pisses Off The Tea Party.. And Why It Shouldn't Matter To Anyone At All ..

Will's Old Girl Gives Guy Smiley the Nod... So?

     Onto some statewide political news.  A major bomb was dropped on the GOP race , when SC Governor Nikki Haley, a rising star with a key early primary state, gave her official endorsement to Mitt Romney this week.  By doing so, local Tea Party leaders are feeling betrayed and upset at Haley's apparent snub. At least that's how the media would like you to see it that way.  OK, guys.  Let's go easy here.  Here is our take.  First, this was no surprise.  Secondly, the Tea Party should have known better. Thirdly, NO ONE should care, and we don't think they do...

     Why no surprise?  Uhh, gee... Haley gave an endorsement back in 2008 when she was a state rep, and it went to??  Mitt Romney.  That was with a better field than this year's kookfest and moderate alternatives.  Haley didn't have much else to pick from, so yeah, it's was bound to be Romney again.

    Reading a few articles, there seems to be a lot of flak coming from Tea Party members here, who first off, weren't aware of the previous endorsement, and secondly, viewed Haley as a rebellious candidate straight from the Right Wing.  In short, they decieved themselves (we won't say she duped them, it's their own fault) into thinkig Haley was a rebel.  Nope.  She was an elected official back then, and she still is.  Anyone who thought she didn't have a little moredation in her were fooling themselves.... our apologies to Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, who was really banking on the nod.  Endorsements aren't coming to either of you.

     Now, onto our important point of this news.  NONE of this matters... Not a bit.  We have a question to ask, and don't be insulted.... Are you a mindless sheep?  A Stepford Voter?  A brainless moron who needs everyone to tell you how to do everything?  We didn't think so.. Endorsements are useless, except for minimally effective press for the campaigns.  Romney has piled up a ton of elected official endorsements..... and he's trailing Newt Gingrich by 20 points.  Further evidence that voters are NOT mindless.  They think for themselves, and the polls seem to back that up.... Not that it's necessarily right, but that's how it should be.

    Like we often say, Politics is Much Ado About Nothing... Haley's endorsement is not surprising, but it IS meaningless.  It may cost her re-election in 2014 - or not. It depends on whether you think the Tea Party backing is a plus or minus.  For now, it means nothing.  Check the polls, and see if South Carolina changes for Romney at all.  We doubt it... If it does, it'll be due to Newt Fatigue, and not an endorsement.


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