Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Best Coaching Job Ever, But It Ends Early Anyway...

Crusty Lombardi Overcomes Injuries and Underperformance To Reach the Playoffs..... But Falls Short in Round One.

   Through the years, we had updated you guys about a particular Autumn passion of ours: Fantasy Football.  For the past 6 years or so, we've been addicted to the game.  Though not the greatest player, we've been pretty steady and have relished the tag as one of those teams you hate to play....

    Last year, we went a perfect 13-0 through the regular season - a feat that stunned us, because we didn't think we were that good. Much like the real game, it doesn't matter what you did in the regular season, because we got shelled in the first round.  This year, we stood pretty quietly, mostly because we had a pretty crappy team. It looked good on paper on Draft Day.  But, it quickly went to shit... Here were our players of note:

Andre Johnson - out last 10 of 11 games, hamstring.
Jamaal Charles - out since week 2, knee.
Reggie Wayne - No Peyton Manning, No Reggie Wayne.
Jeremy Maclin - illness, then hamstring injuries.  Missed 9 games.
Matt Ryan - started 2 games, due to Matthew Stafford
Owen Daniels - started 2 games, due to Rob Gronkowski.
Kenny Britt - out since week 3, knee.
Cary Williams, Antrel Rolle, Mike Jenkins, Brandon Flowers, Asher Allen, Dmitri Patterson - CB's in a LB draft. Cut em all before opening day.
Ryan Torain, CJ Spiller - never started until week 14. cut ...

But, we did have a solid base of Stafford, Gronkowski, Mike Wallace, and in the second half, Michael Bush. Thanks to some good waiver work, we snagged Antonio Brown and Stephen Gostkowski, and turned a 3-5 team into an 8-6 finish (the only loss was by 2 points, due to a stat correction) and a number six seed.  Only problem was, we drew a Round One matchup against Bobby and his team, the Tittsburgh Feelers: a strong, consistent team, and possibly the best name I ever heard...

We gave it a good try, with Stafford turning in his best game of the year, but Gronko came up a bit short, and my defensive choices were atrocious.... Crusty Lombardi came up 16 points short.  Best of Luck to Bobbo in the semi's... Now, we have to figure out what to name the team next year. First it was DustingOffMyLombardi, then Dusty Lombardi, then Rusty and now Crusty.  We'll work on it.  Til, then, see you next season!


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