Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cartoon of the Week ... Trifecta Time!

     Every once in a while, the political cartoonists surprise us.  We were expecting a slew of Secret Service spoofs today,but we only got one.  Rather than just going for the obvious, they really culled through the news, and found some interesting nuggets to pick on: Newt Gingrich's campaign going broke, Romney finally getting Santorum supporters, Tax Season and Kim Jung Un hiring Wile E. Coyote for his rocket program...  In addition to our Superfly Secret Service commentary, we picked these two as well...

We really liked this one that equate our National Debt with this week's Space Shuttle final trip to the Smithsonian... Those sizes are about right, and pretty soon, that 747 won't be able to piggyback it anymore, and it's gonna crash..

Lastly, politics goes to the hounds... What can we say - it's a Man Eat Dog kind of world......


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