Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As Much As We Love Her, We Might Have to Take Megan Fox Off Our Wish List - We Can't Afford Some Other Guy's Kid!

      Like the Hee Haw song goes, 'Gloom, Despair, Disgrace and Agony.... Deep, Dark Depression, Excessive Misery'...  After years of dedication - all for naught - we have taken the last insult from Megan Fox as a permanent sign that she's waiting for just the right moment to knock on our door - she's pregnant.

     Yeah, after years of dating him, getting engaged, married and now having his baby, we're afraid this whole thing with old Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green is gonna work out.  Crestfallen doesn't explain it...

      We're not sure why.. Yeah, he's good looking (better than we are), he has all that 90210 residual cash still rolling in, and maybe he's a nice guy.  But he probably has the worst three word name in the business.. After all, his initials are BAG !!!  I mean, has she even thought about that???!!!! Our guess is no, and she probably doesn't care anyway.

        So, just like Gary McLeod had to be resigned to the fact that he will never be the 6th District's congressman, we'll have to realize that Megan Fox is never coming to Florence to occupy the extra bedroom we'd been saving for her the last few years.  Having kids are the last straw... After all, how the hell are we supposed to keep those kids happy after Green spoils them?  And if the kids aren't happy......

   Au revoir, our raven-haired, crystal-eyed, voluptuous beauty - our Muse!  No more flowers (which we never bought), or chocolates (negative on that either) or platitudes of love on our blog.... We'll just have to give up on that - and go find another hot woman on Chickipedia.


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