Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet the Most Important Person On Mitt Romney's Team.

Say Hi to Beth Myers... Who? You'll Know Soon Enough

    Welcome to Post Number 3500!!  OK, who exactly is this quite ordinary looking lady?  She is Beth Myers, and she is the person in charge of vetting Mitt Romney's Vice-Presidential pick - or wannabes... The decision is pretty much up to her. Well, mostly.  If you have a particular person in mind, our advice is to find her Facebook account or e-mail address, and put in your two cents.  Hey, you never know - she might listen.

   Romney is keeping this decision close to the vest, as Myers is a very tight member of team Romney, as she ran his 2008 campaign.  No, she didn't pull it out for him then, but apparently he trusts her, and it's not going to be an easy choice.... Conservatives are clamoring for a far right idealogue to counter Romney's moderation, which he is - all posturing aside. It's not a sin..  At the same time, she doesn't need to find a 'game changer' like John McCain had to in 2008.  Barack Obama's juice isn't nearly as hysterical as it was four years ago. He has a record that he will be forced to run on.  Lastly, she has to consider whether any of the possible Veeps can turn a swing state in Romney's favor.  Most of the states are already decided, thus it will be in the hands of 10-11 of them.

    Do we have any idea who she'll recommend, and if Romney will take her advice? Nope, it's way too early.  However, it's not too early to do the homework. Last time proved that if you wait til the last minute, your homework ends up being sloppy, and there will be missed assignments... We'll surely do a far in advance, tea leaf reading soon - but we're usually wrong.  That never does stop us, does it?  OK Beth, the bell has rung - start your project!


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