Monday, April 02, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Poised to Make a Big Move Tomorrow ...

Looks Like the Cheesehead Crown Won't Quite Fit On Rick Santorum

     Alright, after a week off, we're back to the next round of Primaries - at leats for one week.  Tomorrow, we have Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the grand prize - the all or nothing Wisconsin primaries.. There's a total of 98 delegates available, and from the looks of things, it will be Mitt Romney's day.  Why not? The last one went to Rick Santorum, so it's Romney's turn, right?

     While it looked like Santorum had a shot at winning Wisconsin, all the polls are showing a 7-10 point edge for Romney, so even though it will be close, Romney only needs one more vote for 42 delegates.  It's pretty much gone like that for Santorum all year - he wins, he's lucky to pull even on delegates, if Romney wins, he win five times the delegates.  Tomorrow will be even worse..

    None of the states up for grabs are up Rickster's alley... They thought Wisconsin might have been, but Romney's big wins have been in moderate to liberal leaning states.  Nope, a lot of these states are no ones the GOP will win in November, but they still count towards the nomination.  Yes, even Yankee Republicans count...  As for Maryland and DC, Santorum can forget it.  He's down 2-1 in both, and he'll be lucky to get 20 of the 56 delegates there. Our guess is ten is more like it...

Wisconsin: Romney 40%, Santorum 37%, Paul 13%, Gingrich 10%.
Maryland:  Romney 53%, Santorum 26%, Paul 11%, Gingrich 10%.
DC:  Romney 60%, Santorum 26%, Gingrich 9%, Paul 5%.

As for the delegates, Romney will stretch that lead a lot, and get a nice chunk closer to 1144.. Probably 84, with 13 for Santorum and Paul 1.  Next, it's a nice three-week vacation til April 24th, when 231 delegates are up for grabs in the Northeast Corridor - or as Santorum's camp will call it, Death Valley...


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