Friday, April 13, 2012

Was This Boo the Dog, Or Paul McCartney ?

No, The World's Cutest Dog Isn't Dead, It Was Just a Twitter Hoax ..

     We know we never heard of him, but apparently some people have even less of a life than we do.  Let us introduce you to Boo, The World's Cutest Dog.. He is a six year old Pomeranian - and he is a big frigging star!  How big?  The dog has a book deal, and he has 4 MILLION followers on Facebook, which is only about 3,999,000 more than we have... You have to admit, he is cute.  Google his name and check out some of the shots of this dog. He looks almost fake..

   Now, just like any famous celebrity - canine or not - he is subject to the usual rumor mill: he impregnated Benji, he and Air Bud are gay lovers, he and Russell Brand went on a four day coke binge, etc.. OK, maybe not those, but he and Paul McCartney have one thing in common - they both had death hoaxes about them.

   Nope, we shit you not.... There was a huge rumor on Twitter that Boo had drowned in a Duck Pond, and that there were pics of it.  We're sure he didn't look as cute dead, but apparently, he was just sleeping... The rumor spread like wildfire, and Boo's owner had to put a Twitter message out to dispell it all...  No, it's not as dramatic as McCartney getting killed in a car accident or Mikey dying from Pop Rocks and Coca Cola, but it's funny besides that.

   Yes, fame has it's price, but compared to other celebs, Boo the Dog has it pretty easy. One might say a dog's life...  Of course, when he really does die, no one is going to believe it until the vet releases the death certificate on his Facebook page....


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