Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Willing to Do Anything to Raise Campaign Donations...

'Alright Boy, Go Out and Fetch Daddy Some Campaign Cash !!'

    Is it just us, or does Bo look a little uncomfortable with his master here?  It's a funny thing.. When your goal is to raise $1 Billion for your campaign, you'll go almost to any lengths to achieve it - even using your dog!

   Yes, it's true.. The Obama campaign noted the 3rd anniversary of the President's Portuguese Water Dog (or Russian Wolf Hound, something like that) by sending e-mails to donors from Bo, to celebrate the emininently huge event - with donations.   Call it Duckets for Dogs... or Bo-nations!  Yeah, that one's better.

    Just like Bud Fox asked Gordon Gekko, we're wondering how much is enough, and the answer is the same.  It's NEVER enough.. What's next - giving cash to note Sasha and Malia's birthdays?  Stay classy, Mr. President!


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west_rhino said...

Nice pic on Air Force One...