Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remembering Dick Clark ...

    We apologize for the lack of posts today.  We're not sure what happened today - we woke up, just felt tired, and proceeded to sleep most of the day away.   It was probably a good thing, because we had a couple things come up with this weekend's 7th District Convention come up.  Lots of side shows and jockeying going on, and one really funny argument.  But, when your goal is to accumulate delegates in a tight race, ticking people off doesn't help, so we're staying quiet for now.  See, we do have a filter - more than most of you guys!

   Anyway, we don't normally do memorials for people that everyone has done, but sometimes we have exceptions.  Yes, we are od enough to remember Dick Clark from his heyday, not just New Years Rockin' Eve... My sister reminded me that as kids, we would watch cartoons on Saturday morning, and right afterwards, American Bandstand would come on.  For decades, Dick Clark made stars in the music business. If you made it on there, you were headed for the big time. If not, you better be Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.  He had that much power in music.

    Clark's power went well beyond that.  His production company made lots of other shows and almost every awards program on TV.  He was a giant - and an icon.  For you kids out there, anytime your hear an old fart joke 'It's got a nice beat and it's easy to dance to', there quoting American Bandstand.  Starting in the 70's, after Guy Lombardo passed away, he essentially OWNED New Years Eve.  Like most people are saying, Ryan Seacrest is nice, but....

    Dick Clark had a famous nickname - The World's Oldest Teenager.  Mostly because he always played music for the kids, but also because he looked 20-30 years younger than he was.  We all swore that he would never die, but after his stroke a few years back, we knew that wasn't the case...  The fact is, we cannot look (or act) our age, but we all go eventually.  In Dick Clark's case, he is gone at age 82, but he is immortal.  We'll have to explain him to our kids and grandkids, but the rest are copies.  It was nice to get to see the original.  From what I remember, he always kind of saluted when he signed off AB... Right back at ya', Big Guy!


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