Friday, April 13, 2012

Kim Jung Un Doesn't Make His Daddy and Grandpappy Proud..

North Korea's Latest Missile Test Fails Miserably ...

     This is what happens when you hand the keys of the family business over to your idiot son..  Like many nuke-hopeful countries looking to catch up to the big boys, North Korea tried to tapdance with the US, and in the end, they just effed themselves up..

     They took a step forward towards peace, and negotiated a deal to get food for their starving people, in exchange for concessions in their nuke program.  Apparently, someone in the North Korean military got a hold of Kim Il (Junior) Un and made him reverse course.. NK decided to throw it out the window, and test an armed missile over the East China Sea - and it was a joke!  The missile broke apart, about 100 miles in the atmosphere.  It was so bad that they did something they never did before - they admitted the total failure.

    So, it's back to Square One.  Why? Because we now have stopped the food shipment for the violation, as we should.  Now, let's review it all here for a moment:  North Korea lost food for their people, spent hundreds of millions on a rocket that could have fed a lot of these people - and the rocket fizzled worse than a Roman Candle.  North Korea is a joke, but unfortunately, we even need to monitor and negotiate with joke nations - especially ones toying with Nukes.  The good news is at least we can reassigned Team America:World Police to more pressing pursuits.  Might we suggest a sequel - Team America II: Revenge of the Mullahs...


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