Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Guess Is Facebook Will Now Crash Permanently..

The Four Horsemen Go Online With Their Own Facebook Page... Word Is Mark Zuckerberg Is Ready to Pull the Plug On the Whole Thing!

    This is what happens when you let the four of us get together for more than five minutes... The dreaded Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse - Moye Graham, Earl Capps, Tom Grimes and myself - had way too much chat time together at the convention this weekend, and when that happens, bad things occur.

    Since Earl wasn't completely occupied by work, teaching, politics, his wife or Dokken concerts, that Evil Genius mind of his went to work, and he decided to take the juggernaut that is the Four Horsemen online.  Yes, we have our own Facebook page...  After our surprising display of influence (somehow) the past few weeks, Earl put up a page, so we could find a base for that power.  That, and a lot of people wonder exactly what the heck the Four Horsemen is... The answer? Not much... But, it's been well-received by a lot of people in the party...

    And that really is the focus of it - One Big Party.  Literally a party.  Like eating BBQ, downing a brew or two, having fun and discussing politics.  As far as the party, we're in the beginning stage of planning, but we'll get it all together.  Like we said, we want to put the 'Party' back in Republican Party - and this might be the easiest objective we've ever had to accomplish...

    If you'd like to join, simply go onto Facebook, and search 'The Four Horsemen Online', and request to join... So far, we haven't declined anyone - even a Democrat like P-Luv!  After all, the man can cook some mean BBQ, he's been known to drink a beer or two, and he knows every stupid movie that I do.  Besides, someone has to be put in the Sumo outfit!


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earlcapps said...

We're the Horsemen and we ROCK!