Monday, April 09, 2012

Newt Finally Proves Tommy Wrong ....

Newt Looks Like He's Calling His Shot, But TEG Didn't For Once!

     It's not very often we pick on one of the Four Horsemen, unless of course, it's at a roast of Earl... But this week, we had to do to, just to show that even being a Horseman doesn't make you perfect....

     Last week, we noted that Newt Gingrich was pretty much done as far as the GOP race was concerned.  Though we aren't quite sure why he's still in the race, with few delegates, no money and less of a national prescence, but he's technically still there.. But, it looks like even he has seen the writing on the wall during his visit to Fox News Sunday.  He was quite the contrite candidate, all but forgiving Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum for the blood letting of a campaign this Spring.  However, the last part made us say 'Ahh, Grimy was wrong at last!'

   Tom has a penchant for seeing the forest through the trees, and the comments are there to back them up.  It was he who early last Fall said that Newt was not dead yet, even though he didn't even have a staff then - and damned if he wasn't right.   But, last week, he boo-booed.... My boss stated that the possibility of a Romney-Gingrich ticket would not surprise him. Well, it would have definitely surprised us, and Gingrich as well, as Newt said on FMN that being a VP pick was an absolute impossibility. 

   Yeah, everyone gets one wrong eventually...  It doesn't happen often with Tom, so we are taking advantage of this chance to razz him just a bit.


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