Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We've Got Some Sick, Twisted, Funny Puppies Out There, People...

What If Bert & Ernie Went Death Metal ??
If you guys think I'm weird and have too much free time on my hands, I have NOTHING on some people out there. I find stupid stuff to make you guys smile, but I don't waste endless hours making the junk... At least not usually.
I was pulling up the YouTube clip of 'Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown', and I ended up running into some crazy stuff related to all the cartoons and show I watched as a kid. it made me wonder - what if these shows were made in the Heavy Metal Era?
Here's Charlie Brown:
And how About Cookie Monster?
Here's one of Elmo going Speed Metal w/ the Goo-Goo Dolls... who knew?
Next, we have the Muppet Show Band doing Metallica:
Be prepared for Bert & Ernie going Hardcore Brutal Metal here: I WARNED YOU.
And lastly, for those of you younger, more hip-hop oriented readers:
Damn, who knew Bert's voice was so low - and his mouth so foul? They use the word 'nigga' less at a KKK rally.... So I've heard. Sick, Sick People !!!!


pluvlaw said...

That hip-hop one was so good I had to post it (with attribution of course).

Thanks for the Christmas laugh.

Mike Reino said...

Yeah, the Rap one is probably the most sequenced clip, but that damn Bert & Ernie doing speed metal had me crying, I laughed so hard...