Saturday, September 06, 2008

Three Pearl Harbor Sailors Finally Buried at Home.

Everyone knows about Pearl Harbor, but there is something I didn't know, and maybe you didn't either. Most of the sailors killed on Dec. 7, 1941 were never identified. All of those not ID'd were buried in a mass grave in Honolulu as unknowns. However, some of those lost are getting identified, and with it, they can be buried at home, with their identities now known.
The credit goes mostly to a survivor of the USS Oklahoma, Ray Emory. Through DNA analysis and dental records, forensic anthropologists with the Pentagon were able to ID three Pearl Harbor victims: Ensign Eldon Wyman or Portland , Ore., Ensign Irvin Thompson of Hudson County, NJ, and Fireman 2nd Class Lawrence Boxrucker of Dorchester, Wis. .
Amazingly, even after 67 years, two of the three have direct family members still alive. Clearly, these people are much happier knowing their relatives can be brought home with the honor they deserve....

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